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Click Here to Meet Guru Rattana

Groundbreaking author, teacher, and teacher of teachers, Guru Rattana has followed a committed spiritual path since the age of 25 when she started studying Hatha Yoga. In 1977, she met and began training in Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan and was one of the first KRI Certified Teachers. In the early 80s, Yogi Bhajan told her that she would be the teacher who brought the most students to Kundalini Yoga.

 She is author of four of the original (now revised and updated) and still best-selling Kundalini Yoga and Meditation manuals, based on Yogi Bhajan’s early classes. In her 11 books, she demystifies spiritual concepts and adds subtle feminine sensitivity to yoga traditions previously created by men for men. Each of her books contributes to elucidating the Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

She is an astrologer and writes a monthly Guru Rattana Blog — featuring astrology, Kundalini Yoga, and spiritual awakening. She has filmed over 100 classes in her profound and captivating teaching style -- available on Guru Rattana Online streaming video service at

Her annual international teaching tours have taken her to 19 countries in Eastern and Western Europe, where she teaches Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Courses (registered with Yoga Alliance) and The Gift of Womanhood courses featuring her book with that title. She is lead trainer and co-creator of K.R.I.Y.A. (Kundalini Rising International Yoga Academy).

Following receipt of her M.A. from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Guru Rattana earned a doctorate in political science from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and went on to pursue an academic career, teaching at Dartmouth College, MIT, New Hampshire College, US International University (San Diego), and Stanford University, and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto). Her spiritual path has inspired her to write and teach about awakened heart consciousness to create the foundation for real political, social, and personal transformation.

Guru Rattana lives in Coronado (San Diego), California.

Guru Rattana


Click Here to Meet Clare Dubois

Clare Dubois is the founder of She is an Earth-loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker with two decades experience coaching business leaders and creating behaviour change processes within the personal growth sector. In her own life, her aim is to reclaim balance, to revel in freedom and health and to be 'walking permission' for those who are fed up of being held back, and just want to have a go. ​The TreeSisters website is  

Clare Dubois


Click Here to Meet Rose Cole

World renowned speaker, author, and spiritual guide, Rose Cole is a modern-day medicine woman, and the minister and president of a Native American church. She’s a co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, and has been featured in, and as a popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC. Rose healed herself from a childhood fraught with abuse, neglect, and mental illness. She was then adopted and raised by a Native American holy man who sparked a lifelong study of shamanic practices.

Rose has been given the right to perform rites of passage and ceremonies using sacred native plants – an honor bestowed upon few women within her spiritual path. Rose offers the year long training called the Shamanic Academy as well as in person retreats, online programs, books and a line of advanced superfoods and wellness products called High Vibe Formulas.

Rose Cole

Medicine Woman

Click Here to Meet Sabrina Lynn

Sabrina Lynn, founder of ​ReWilding For Women​, has had a profound impact on thousands of women across the globe. She is one of the most provocative, raw and passionate personal development trainers in the world.

Known internationally for her unique workshops on spiritual growth, reclamation of the divine feminine and the awakening path that is unique to women, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective transformational practices that address awakening in mind, body, and heart.

Sabrina brings 13 years of teaching, speaking, facilitating, and coaching experience to her work, having taught at some of the largest organizations in Australia. She has studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

Sabrina currently hosts the popular ​ReWilding For Women​ podcast and leads international audiences through ​ReWilding For Women​ workshops, retreats and online programs. Her audiences connect with her down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable transformation, healings and shifts.

Sabrina Lynn


Click Here to Meet Kia Miller

Kia Miller is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher. She is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga, a holistic approach that honors the healing and transformational potential within yoga. She is known for sharing her wonderful passion for life and well-being in her teaching. Kia views the science and spirituality of yoga as a pathway to experiencing peak performance and great awareness.  Her mission is to inspire and awaken as many people as possible to their own power and creative potential.

Kia leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings throughout the world.  Practice with Kia online at

Kia Miller

Midwife of Transformation

Click Here to Meet Doria "DC" Cordova

Owner/CEO of Money & You® /Excellerated Business Schools, a global organization with over 145,000 graduates since 1979 from over 85 countries. Her programs have inspired some of today’s best known business education and wealth experts, and have touched the lives of millions globally. She is a humanitarian, philanthropist, an author. She is the Global Business Developer for the world’s leading solar architect. Her purpose is to uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses.

Doria "DC" Cordovailler

Wise Woman

Click Here to Meet Brahmankyrie Shanti

Brahmankyrie is a spiritual teacher and healer here in Encinitas and spends most of her time running the Narayani Temple California and serving the currently incarcerated population at Donovan State Prison. Her life wasn't always a spiritual one and after getting clean and sober in August 2006, has spend the last 13 years sharing her story, teaching mediation & mantra and healing people all over the world.  Brahmankyrie is devoted to her path and lives her life in service to the divine.

Brahmankyrie Shanti

Divine Mother

Click Here to Meet Jeanie Manchester, HA

Jeanie Manchester is the founder of Anjaneya Yoga Shala in Boulder, CO.  She is a Master Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor with over 30 years of dedicated practice, teaching, and training. Her signature classes are rooted in Bhakti chant, storytelling, mantra, mudra, and meditation. As a senior student of Neelkantha meditation and the Sri Vidya Goddess tradition of South India, Jeanie’s path of the divine feminine and awakening of kundalini has given rise to new births in her life and all of those she trains. Her students love her heart based, friendly style of intuitive mentoring and teaching. She is the creator & guide of the Shakti Sisterhood and Shakti Rise Immersion. These offerings are dedicated to “women on the rise”  and supportive of householder women on the path with the teachings, tools, practice space, and community she's found crucial to living a spiritual life in the world.  She offers various online and in person teacher trainings, formal instruction in Neelakantha meditation  mentoring, and retreats in wondrous places around the globe.

Jeanie Manchester, HA

Lalita Devi

Click Here to Meet Vivian Glyck

Vivian Glyck founded Just Like My Child Foundation in 2006 following the birth of her son, Zak.

Through the experience of a mother’s love for her child, Vivian woke up to realize the value of every human life. After learning about the horrific numbers of children dying from malaria and orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Africa, Vivian was moved to make a difference.

Vivian is a recognized thought leader in global issues facing the health, education, and economic leadership of vulnerable adolescent girls and women in East Africa. Just Like My Child Foundation has documented success in increasing acceptance of human rights in developing communities and shifting harmful cultural practices that impede girls from continuing their education. The organization is focused on the Girl Power Project® and committed to empowering vulnerable adolescent girls to stay in school, avoid forced child marriage, pregnancy, and gender-based violence. Through a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action and in support of Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative, JLMC is working to reach 20,000 girls in central Uganda through 2021.

An author and successful former marketing director for Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and others, Vivian, a native New Yorker, currently lives in San Diego with her husband and son.

Vivian Glyck

Wonder Woman

Click Here to Meet Tanya Lynn

Tanya is the visionary CEO behind the international organization, Sistership Circle, a worldwide sisterhood movement empowering women to step into their true beauty, brilliance and boldness as feminine leaders. She started training facilitators to use her proven 12-week Circle Program based on her bestselling book "Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader." She is also the author of "How to Lead Circle."

Tanya Lynn


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