Dr. Sarya Oud

Divine Dancer

Dancing with Your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies

Dr. Sarya Oud

Divine Dancer

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Author, speaker, dancer and women’s embodiment coach, Dr. Sarya Oud, has woven her life’s journey and deep love of God into her exclusive, Magical Embodiment personal transformation platform. She is also the founder and hostess of the Magical Embodiment Show Series. 

An academic powerhouse, she earned a BA in Translation at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, then a MA and Ph.D. in Translation Studies with a focus on Qur’an Translations and Interpretations at SOAS, University of London.

 Dancing with the Universe, Dr. Sarya has an expanding vision of a world at one with its own divine source. Her passion to cultivate an active, global community of embodied women from various cultural and religious backgrounds is fueled by blending her own unique life experience throughout the Middle East and the West, (US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and the UK), with a deep, long-lasting love for intercultural and inter-spiritual dialogue, art and creative expression.

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Living life as a beautiful co-created dance is something that can change your life forever! You become the embodiment of the Divine Feminine on earth who dances with the rhythms of the Universe.

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