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Launch Date: February 1
Promotion Period: January 18 - January 31

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Personal Tracking Link

Sage Lavine - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/sage/
Rose Cole - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/rose/
Jeanie Manchester - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/jeanie/
Hemalayaa Behl - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/hemalayaa/
Tanya Lynn - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/tanya/
Patrina Wisdom - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/patrina/
Sofiah Thom - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/sofiah/
Astara Jane Ashley - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/jane/
Anahita Joon - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/anahita/
Dr. Saida Désilets - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/drdesilets/
Sarah Drew - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/sarah/
Kathleen McGowan - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/kathleen/
Shelly Bullard - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/shelly/
Sabrina Lynn - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/sabrina/
Kimberly Gunter - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/kimberly/
Lettie Sullivan - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/lettie/
Lama Tsultrim Allione - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/lama/
Tara Grace - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/tara/
Clare Dubois - http://kenlynk.sg-host.com/signup/clare/

Interview Air Date

Hemalayaa Behl - February 1
Sage Lavine - February 2
Lettie Sullivan - February 3
Sofiah Thom - February 4
Patrina Wisdom - February 5
Rose Cole - February 6
Lama Tsultrim Allione - February 7
Tanya Lynn - February 8
Dr. Saida Désilets - February 9
Anahita Joon - February 10
Kimberly Gunter - February 11
Shelly Bullard - February 12
Astara Jane Ashley - February 13
Sabrina Lynn - February 14
Sarah Drew - February 15
Jeanie Manchester - February 16
Kathleen McGowan - February 17
Tara Grace - February 18
Clare Dubois - February 19

Solo Email Template

SUBJECT: The most important thing you need to know for 2021.

Hi Name,

Are you feeling the change that has already begun for 2021? History is being made right here and right now.

And the only question is...“What is your part in it?”

It’s no accident you are here now – an awakened woman ready to serve humanity with your message and your offerings.

The feminine is rising, dear sister. And that means you.

To kick off this year of ACTION after a year of breakdown and, yes, BREAKTHROUGH, I’m delighted to offer you free access to:

How Ambitious + Successful Women
EMBODY the Divine Feminine Archetypes,
ALIGN With Their True Purpose +
INCREASE Their Impact and Income

I’m a featured speaker in this important online movement that will catalyze, awaken, activate, ignite, and empower you. I will personally be giving you an activation of the energy of [insert archetype].

Attend The Divine Feminine Summit online event for free by clicking here:

[insert tracking link]  

Starting on February 1, this free video summit, hosted by author, coach, and former attorney-turned-Feminine Empowerment Mentor and Spiritual Business Coach, Kenlyn Kolleen, will showcase how to align even more deeply with your dharma, or higher purpose, while making money and increasing your impact in the world.

CHECK OUT the line-up of epic women leaders, healers, and entrepreneurs!

Each of them will be giving you an ACTIVATION of a particular divine feminine energy, archetype, or avatar. While you already have these energies inside of you, they must be activated for you to embody them. And in 2021, you will definitely need to embody all of them!

Register for FREE now at the following link:

[insert tracking link]  

Sarah Drew – Sri Lalita Sahasranama
Tanya Lynn – Amazon Medicine Woman
Rose Cole – Mystical Sage
Sofiah Thom – Temple Body Priestess
Hemalayaa Behl – Shakti Durga
Jeanie Manchester – Saraswati
Patrina Wisdom – Lakshmi
Jane Astara Ashley – Green Tara
Saida Desilets – Sacred Courtesan
Anahita Joon – High Priestess Edge Walker
Sage Lavine – Ninja Business Babe
Shelly Bullard – Manifestation Queen
Kathleen McGowan – Mary Magdalene


Here’s how the summit works:

  • Sign up for FREE at the link below, and you’ll receive a welcome video for the Opening Ceremony.

  • Check your email starting on February 1 for your daily video featuring 1 ARCHETYPE ACTIVATION to energetically integrate into your life. 

  • Join the Facebook Group for Divine Feminine Sisterhood RISING here to catch the buzz and latest updates, and to make rich and deep community connections.  [Hyperlink the word here with: https://www.facebook.com/groups/584914838986655/]

  • Embrace instant feelings of alignment and empowerment as these creative downloads encourage and direct you towards what you’re here to do. You’ll have the support of the sisterhood to hold you high.

Register for FREE at the following link today:  [insert tracking link]  

I believe that YOU have an important role to play during this time of great change. I’m excited to be your guide on this journey, and I will see you at the summit!

In Gratitude,


P.S. This may be the ONLY email you receive about the summit, so don’t delay in signing up here: [insert tracking link].

P.P.S. I’ll see you in the private Facebook Group for Divine Feminine Sisterhood RISING here. Come on in! 
[Hyperlink the word here with: https://www.facebook.com/groups/584914838986655/]  

Newsletter Blurb Template

The Most Important Thing You Can Do in the New Year
As we enter into the next cycle of major change and evolution, The Decade of Destiny 2021, there is one thing that is certain…


Women are the primary holders of the feminine principle, and this new cycle demands that we are

  • aligned with our true purpose

  • speaking our truth

  • being in inspired action

  • increasing our impact as well as our income
To support each of us in RISING to the most authentic, powerful, and fully expressed versions of ourselves, and to do what we have come here to do, my soul sister, Kenlyn Kolleen, has brought together 14+ feminine leaders to activate the Divine Feminine in you.

I am thrilled to be a featured speaker in this important and impactful FREE online interview series called:

How Ambitious + Successful Women
EMBODY the Divine Feminine Archetypes,
ALIGN With Their True Purpose +
INCREASE Their Impact and Income

Each speaker will be ACTIVATING a Divine Feminine Archetype inside of YOU. I am excited to be activating the energy of [INSERT YOUR ARCHETYPE].

Because you are in my community, you have access to this special online series and one of the most important messages of our time.

There’s no cost to you, and it’s easy to sign up.

Click here
[insert tracking link] to get free and easy access to 14+ great interviews, so you can activate and empower yourself to do what you’ve come here to do.

And, there’s more! Every speaker has brought a free gift just for you. You’ll have access to 14+ free gifts from each of the speakers to fully support you in being the embodiment of the divine feminine leader that you are.

Click here now.
[insert tracking link] I look forward to seeing you there, and let’s make 2021 the Year of the Divine Feminine RISING in all her power and glory.

Social Media Templates


GET ACTIVATED with Divine Feminine Archetypes in 2021

14+ Feminine Archetypes to ACTIVATE you towards your true purpose, and to increase your impact and income. Get transmissions from Shakti Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Green Tara, Ninja Business Babe, Temple Body Priestess, Amazon Medicine Woman, Sacred Courtesan, Manifestation Queen, and many more. [insert tracking link]

Join THE DIVINE FEMININE SUMMIT starting February 1 here.  [insert tracking link]

I am thrilled to be a featured speaker at this free online event, representing the energy of [insert your archetype] so that 2021 will be a powerful year of the feminine rising.

As the feminine rises, you rise. [insert tracking link]

The FREE ONLINE SHOW and 2+ week experience begins on February 1. Join here and you’ll receive:

  • a once-a-day POWERFUL email
  • daily speakers who will activate a feminine archetype inside of you
  • a direct connection to more power, courage, freedom, expression, and clarity as you do what you came here to do [insert tracking link]

The time is NOW sisters! The feminine is rising, and she’s taking names. Are you ready? Join us for The Divine Feminine Summit 2021.  [insert tracking link]


#Activate 14+ #feminine archetypes at the #DivineFeminineSummit2021. Get transmissions from Shakti Durga, Manifestation Queen, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Green Tara, Amazon Medicine Woman, Ninja Business Babe, Sacred Courtesan, Lalita Devi, Temple Body Priestess, and many more. [insert tracking link]

#DivineFeminineSummit2021 starts February 1 and runs for 2+ weeks. One video transmission per day of a #divinefemininearchetype so that you may align more deeply with your #purpose and increase your worldwide impact AND your income. [insert tracking link]

#DivineFeminineSummit2021 – the ultimate transmission of #divinefemininearchtypes to bring back the #feminine in this time of #greatchange. Get over 2 weeks of #divinetransmissions beginning February 1. One video a day. Time to #uplevel! [insert tracking link]

Shakti Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Green Tara, Ninja Business Babe, Sacred Courtesan, Manifestation Queen, Amazon Medicine Woman and many more. Starts February 1 and runs for over 2 weeks. One video a day. Time to #uplevel! #DivineFeminineSummit2021  [insert tracking link]


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